Aqua lace inert maxi dress
Aqua lace inert maxi dress
Aqua lace inert maxi dress
Aqua lace inert maxi dress
Aqua lace inert maxi dress

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Aqua Lace Inert Maxi Dress

Fits S Fits XS

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Bust 30
Length 50
Brand Defacto
Material Rayon
Type Unused
Notes Ajustable straps, Smocking waist

*All measurements are in inches

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A sustainable wardrobe is crucial to the planet's health, and to yours. This is what you'll save by choosing used instead of new-

☁️ 127 million kilograms of CO2
That's like taking 960K cars off the road for a day.

💧 450 million litres of water
That is enough to run a household for 2000 years.

⚡️ 140 million kWh of electricity
That would light up an airport for 3 years.

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