Our Story

Where does an eco-conscious Indian customer shop? Where can a sustainably-driven Indian entrepreneur jumpstart their home-grown business? It is these very questions that co-founders Adrija and Rohan set out to answer when they created ReThought, an online marketplace that brings together environment-friendly consumers, products and sellers.

The seed of the idea germinated during a time of great economic turbulence-The Covid-19 pandemic left an indelible mark on the consumer mindset. Today, there is increasing support for home-grown businesses, a search for low-cost resource-saving alternatives and the need for a simpler and healthier lifestyle. ReThought aims to support and give a voice to the roar of fantastic ideas and concepts that can help make a better, happier and safer world tomorrow.

A growing number of young Indians have chosen to be personally accountable for their contribution towards a greener planet. We encourage like-minded individuals to join the ReThought movement- India’s first conscious marketplace- and be a part of a green future.